National STEM Summit 2021

National STEM Summit 2021

The HighTech Centre for Women and Youths invites you to the National STEM Summit holding on Tuesday 16th of March, 2021 by 10 am at the Eagles Square Open Ground. The event is holding in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology (FMST), Technology and Innovations EXPO week. Being the 4th edition, the Summit is themed “Harnessing Enduring All Round Technology Skills in a New Normal Digital Economy”.

The following are the Sub-Themes for plenary and panellist discussion during the 1 Day Summit:

  1. Policies and institutional supports at Federal & States for Tech Start-ups in the Digital economy
  2. Advocacies for STEM and ICT Local content creation, technology transfer, and development
  3. Value Chain Analysis to harness low hanging fruits across STEM sectors, especially in Soft- & Hardware
  4. Harnessing innovations in renewables, environmental wastes, and clean energy technologies.
  5. Funding and Partnerships for Tech Inventions, creativities and manufacturing in the new Normal Economy
  6. Building and raising spin-off enterprises across all educational levels and knowledge clusters.
  7. Building a Knowledge Exchange Relationship between the Formal and Informal Tech Clusters in the country
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Mar 16 2021


Eagle Square Open Ground
Eagle Square, Abuja
High Tech Center For Nigerian Women and Youths


High Tech Center For Nigerian Women and Youths