The 13th National Summit of Females in STEM (NigFisTEM) has been scheduled to hold in Abuja between November 15 and 19.

The summit themed, “Tech Women’s Week: STEM Skills for Females in a New Normal Digital Economy,” is expected to take participants beyond basic computing literacy to digital skills, STEM Tech-know-how, and contemporary FinTech skills that will not only develop/prepare them for out of school exposure, but enable them to have multiple sources of income and be self-employed.

President High Tech for Women and Youth Dr Wunmi Hassan said in a statement made available to the press, that, it also aims at helping professional and career/working women to gain tech expertise that offers them competitive opportunities, and leadership prowess at political levels.

“This year, we are combining three of our main female’s initiatives with NigFiSTEM in a single program flow namely; Ladies ICT Summit (LITS), Women ICT Summit (WITS), and the National Women Leaders Forum (WLF). The lineup of events starting with the Ladies ICT Summits for females in Tertiary Institutions around Nigeria and Africa countries kick starts the Summits on the 15th of November at the Summit Villas Hotel, Lifecamp Abuja.

It shall continue with Women ICT Summit from Tuesday 16th November at the Green Minds Hotel, Utako, Abuja, with Women Leaders Forum participants joining other Women from MDAs and Private Institutions on Wednesday the 17th of November.

The climax of the Tech Week for Females in STEM is the NigFiSTEM Day featuring all females who graduated from Sciences, Technology, Engineering and or Mathematics (STEM) courses or are in any of the professional bodies or organizations affiliated and related to technology development across Nigeria,” she said.

She added that, the epoch 4 in 1 event is scheduled to train, improve and build the capabilities of all participants at any level of education and societal involvement as Tech Women.”

According to her, this will assist Nigeria to have skilled manpower in women who are graduates of technology and engineering fields become manufacturers and job creators.

“It is utmost importance that individuals, parents, CEOs of organizations, head of government institutions and cognate agencies including private institutions sponsor and supports their women to take advantage and benefit from the trainings that shall be taught in STEM during this Tech Week.

The registration fees for the various categories of Women and Female Youths are on the website with immediate enquiries to 08034241874 should you wish to register.

All payments for registration can be made to Sterling Bank 0019052855 High Tech Centre for Nigerian Women and Youth.”