ICT Summer Academy Camp – 2017

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About the ICT Summer Academy Camp (ISAC)

The ICT Summer Academy Camp (ISAC) is a yearly event for youths from ages 15 and above from secondary schools to tertiary institutions and the informal sector of the country. The theme for this year is “ICT for Economic Diversification: The ‘e’ of New Businesses and Innovations

  1. Objectives of the ICT Camp are:
    • To build ICT capacity and skills in all participants in all fields of Information Technology;
    • To engage participants in indigenous designs related to hardware, Software and other relevant Skills for solving immediate national challenges; and
    • To train the participants on how to commercialize their invented products and services and be empowered with ICT tools for entrepreneurship development
  1. Highlights of the training during the camp are:
    • Computer Appreciation
    • Hardware mechanisms and PC configurations
    • Programming and Web design
    • Internet and Networking
    • Online marketing tools for entrepreneurship development
    • Coding techniques and Mobile Apps development
    • Cyber Crime and National Security: Issues, Opportunities and Options for Young people
    • Social Media and Technology Based Models for Business Developments
  1. Who to attend ICT Summer Academy Camp:
    • Youths (Male and Female) from ages 15 and above from institutions and informal sectors
    • Senior Secondary School Students
    • Teachers from Primary and Secondary schools
  1. Venues and Dates:
    ISAC runs for 1 week in a State within each of the Geo-political Zones of the federation yearly. Selected States to host this year are:

    • Abuja: 13th – 19th August
  1. Registration Fees: N40,000 / participant
  1. Items permitted on the Camp:
    The following items will be required for all participant to come along with:

    • Toilette box (Soap, Brush, Paste, Sponge, etc)
    • Anti-Perspirants, roll on or perfume
    • Bed sheets and covering wrappers
    • Change of clothes, include night wears, under garments and Sport wears
    • Laptop or Notebook(not a must but if you have one will be advantageous.
    • Shoe, Slippers, sneakers.
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